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Anonymous sent: In your Markjin post, you mentioned Mark being self-insecure because of the fact that he's new to Korea, but if he was really worried about himself then he probably wouldn't become a singer? Like if he didn't have the confidence in himself?


Hello anon!

Before Mark came to Korea, I don’t think he had a set dream or goal decided yet for his future. There are some interviews (on ASC Mark said his favourite subject was “math” haha) but most of them indicate that he wasn’t exactly ready for post-secondary/career choosing options yet.

I think that’s why he chose to become a trainee - he tried it out and discovered that was something he really, really enjoyed. I also think that’s why Papa Tuan constantly encouraged Mark, because he became extremely passionate in performing on stage & he was probably unsure of what he was going to do in the future in LA. Mark really admires hip-hop (he’s often mentioned that he likes rappers such as Kanye West & A$AP Rocky) and sports (you can tell that Mark’s extremely athletic and has crazy fucking reflexes, like catching that fucking bottle of water while he was hoola hooping in IGOT7 EP 2 HoOOLY SHIT!!!!!) Being a JYP trainee meant he could combine both of these things, become trained in what he loved & make money on the side. 

At the same time I think Mark lacks the most self-esteem out of all the members because he’s constantly considered the “face” of the group. That’s one of the things I admire most about him - even though many people compliment his good looks and how handsome he is, he still works his hardest in order to improve his rapping and his martial arts skills.

There are many artists out there who debut because they are good looking, and as a result, may become accustomed to not always having to put their best effort into what they do. Although Mark didn’t have to complete an audition, you can see how hard he works to become a better member of GOT7 every single day. That’s why I feel devastated whenever Mark is asked to sing or rap, and he replies with, “oh my throat hurts,” or he shakes his head because he generally doesn’t feel like he’s good enough to perform that task. That completely breaks my heart, because it’s obvious that Mark works tirelessly and uses his entire body (sometimes even hurting it) in order to stun us with his flying skills. Even though he’s always complimented for being handsome, I think ultimately Mark is working his hardest to prove that he’s capable of doing amazing things and that’s why IGOT7s love him so much. ♥ ♥ ♥


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